Join The #IAmASeedPlanter Giveaway by Lush & Dew

Join The SeedPlanter Giveaways by LUSH & DEW

Giveaway: SeedPlanter Giveaways
Prizes:  30 lucky winners Get a Free Seed Pack
Contest Ends: winners will be selected each month
How to Enter: Easy Form Here
Enter Now: SeedPlanter Sweepstakes by LUSH & DEW

Nurture Nature and Win!

Are you passionate about gardening and eager to contribute to a greener planet? Join our SeedPlanter Giveaways and become a part of a thriving community of nature enthusiasts!

How to Enter?

  1. Spread the Green Message: Share this page on Facebook to inspire others.
  2. Connect with Us: Use @LUSH & DEW and include #IAmASeedPlanter in your post to show your commitment to planting seeds of change.
  3. Earn Your Reward: For joining this green movement, we’ll send you a free seed pack to start your gardening journey!

Giveaway Rules:

  1. Share and Show: After sharing and tagging LUSH & DEW on Facebook, send us a screenshot of your post along with your shipping details via Facebook Messenger. If you need help, email us at support@lushanddew.com.
  2. Mystery Seeds: You could receive mint, daisy, or tomato seeds – it’s a surprise! We’ll choose one at random for you.
  3. Monthly Entries: You can participate once a month with your Facebook account.
  4. Be a Lucky Gardener: Each month, 30 gardeners will be chosen to receive their very own seed pack.
  5. Fast Tracking: We’ll check your shared link within 24 business hours and put you on the waiting list. Stay tuned to Facebook for our end-of-month winner announcements.
  6. Shipping Details: This giveaway is open to those with a US shipping address, except for Hawaii and Alaska.
  7. LUSH & DEW Rights: We hold all rights for this giveaway.

Join Our Green Mission: This isn’t just a giveaway; it’s a call to action for all who dream of a more sustainable and beautiful world. By participating, you’re not only getting a chance to grow delightful plants, but you’re also spreading awareness and fostering a community dedicated to environmental stewardship.

Ready to Plant? Start your journey as a SeedPlanter today. Share, tag, and enter for your chance to be one of our 30 lucky monthly winners. Let’s grow together!

Enter now: The SeedPlanter Giveaways by LUSH & DEW

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