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Experience Chobani Magic: Dive Into Tricks, Treats, and Tempting Tastes!

Here’s a call to all flavor enthusiasts out there: Ever wanted to be part of an enthralling virtual experience that not only tickles your taste buds but also surprises you with delightful treats? Dive into the Chobani® FLIP® Tricks and Treat Virtual Experience! All you’ve got to do is scan the QR code on participating Chobani® Flip® 4-packs or select in-store displays. Remember, no purchase is necessary, and treasures await!

Decoding the Chobani Delight

Chobani is no ordinary yogurt brand. It’s an experience, a philosophy. From the invigorating Key Lime Crumble® to the exotic Almond Coco Loco™, every flip is a journey into a flavor wonderland. For the classic dessert lovers, there’s Strawberry Cheesecake, Cookies and Cream, and oh, who could resist S’more S’mores or Peanut Butter Cup? And for the cookie monsters, the Cookie Dough variant is pure bliss.

More than Just Yogurt: Chobani’s Commitment

But Chobani doesn’t stop at just tantalizing your palate. They’re on a mission, a vision of using food as a force for good. Prioritizing humanity in its actions, Chobani’s endeavors span eradicating child hunger, standing up for immigrants, refugees, and the underrepresented, honoring the heroes – our veterans, and being the stewards of our planet. All while manufacturing wholesome products across New York, Idaho, and the picturesque landscapes of Australia.

A Treat for the Ages

The virtual experience promises not just flavors but also characters, tricks, and of course, the treasured treat! It’s not just about tasting but also about feeling, engaging, and being part of Chobani’s global family. So, when you’re in for a delightful surprise or some swanky Chobani-branded swag, you know where to head.

Unlock the magic of Chobani. Scan. Experience. And be delighted.

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