Hurry! The OREO Liftoff Space Perspective Giveaway Ends Today!

Giveaway: The OREO Liftoff Space Perspective Giveaway
Contest Ends Today: 4/5/2024
How to Enter: Simple online entry form here
Enter Now: The OREO Liftoff Space Perspective Giveaway

Your Final Opportunity to Win a Space Adventure

Today marks the final call for entries into Oreo’s extraordinary sweepstakes, a contest that’s been the talk of the nation. This isn’t just any sweepstakes; it’s a free-to-enter, once-in-a-lifetime chance to win a trip to space, and the deadline is tonight!

Grand Prize: A Journey Beyond the Earth

Imagine being one of the few to experience space travel. The grand prize includes a seat on Space Perspective’s Spaceship Neptune, ascending to an astounding 100,000 feet. Valued at $125,000, this prize offers a unique glimpse of our planet from the edge of space. It’s important to note the inherent risks involved, but for the winner, this will be an unparalleled adventure.

A Florida Getaway Awaits

Beyond the space flight, the winner and a guest will be treated to an all-expenses-paid trip to Cape Canaveral, Florida. This includes airfare, four nights in a hotel, a captivating space center tour, and all necessary ground transportation. Plus, a $450 food and beverage stipend and a special gift bag add to the luxury of the experience.

Financial Peace of Mind Included

Oreo understands the potential tax implications of such a grand prize. To address this, they’re providing an $88,100 “Tax Gross-Up Payment.” With a total prize value of $220,310, this sweepstakes offers not just excitement but also a carefree experience.

Last Call to Enter

Remember, entering this sweepstakes is completely free and doesn’t require any purchase. Oreo is committed to making this incredible opportunity available to everyone. But time is running out – today is your last chance to enter!

Don’t Miss This Unique Chance

As the clock ticks down, don’t let this amazing opportunity slip away. Entering is easy, and the potential rewards are extraordinary. Imagine being the lucky one to embark on a journey that’s as vast and boundless as the cosmos. Enter Oreo’s sweepstakes now – it’s your final opportunity to turn your space dreams into reality!

Enter Now: The OREO Liftoff Space Perspective Giveaway

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