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Giveaway: Farm Collector Restoration Sweepstakes
Prizes: 3 prize packages (see details below)
Sweepstakes Ends: 3/28/2024
How to Enter: Online form here.
Enter Now: Farm Collector Restoration Giveaway

Win the Farm Collector Restoration Sweepstakes!

Are you a farm history enthusiast or a collector of vintage farm tools? Here’s your extraordinary opportunity to enrich your collection! We’re delighted to announce the Farm Collector Restoration Giveaway, where THREE lucky winners will be awarded prize packages, each brimming with nostalgic and educational items, valued at $100.

Each Prize Package Includes:

  • A Field Guide to Mystery Farm Tools: Perfect for identifying and learning about obscure and historical farm tools.
  • Magazine Archive (1951-2022): Dive into decades of farm collector history with this extensive collection.
  • 2023 Farm Collector Show Directory: Get insider access to upcoming events and gatherings in the farm collector community.
  • “In Rust We Trust” T-Shirt: Show off your love for farm collectibles with this unique and stylish t-shirt.
  • A Classic Farm Collector Hat: Top off your look with a hat that speaks to your passion for farm history.

Don’t Miss This Unique Chance

Broad Eligibility: Open to all legal residents of the United States, 18 years or older.

Simple and Free Entry: No purchase necessary; just complete the online entry form.

Connect with a Community: Share your interest and connect with fellow enthusiasts in the vibrant farm collector community.

This giveaway is more than just winning prizes; it’s about celebrating the heritage and history of farming. By entering the Farm Collector Restoration Giveaway, you immerse yourself in a world of farming nostalgia and become part of a community that cherishes agricultural history.

Enter Now and Embrace the Past: Join the Farm Collector Restoration Giveaway Today!

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