Save Money With These Budget-Friendly Halloween Costumes by Adam Sandler

Embrace the Halloween spirit without emptying your wallet with Adam Sandler’s inventive and cost-effective costume ideas from his Saturday Night Live appearances. These playful, easy-to-make costumes are perfect for those seeking to save money and have fun.Squishy

Crazy Spoon-Head


Turn a spoon into a hilarious costume accessory.

How to Make

  • Instructions: Hold a spoon on top your head wth your hand
  • Props Needed: A spoon

Crazy Big-Eyed Man


A budget-friendly costume that’s all about the eyes.

How to Make

  • Instructions: Exaggerate your eyes, with your fingers
  • Props Needed: Eyes.

Crazy Plant Head


A simple, green-themed costume idea.

How to Make

  • Instructions: Attach faux plants to your headwear.
  • Props Needed: Faux plants, a headband or hat, adhesive.

Crazy Pickle Arm


An affordable costume with a real pickle as the centerpiece.

How to Make

  • Instructions: Put arm in shirt leaving only a pickle sticking out of your sleeve.
  • Props Needed: A large pickle

Crazy Pickle Mustache

Description – Add a quirky twist to your costume with a pickle mustache.

How to Make

  • Props Needed: 1 Pickle
  • Instructions: Hold pickle under your nose like a moustache.


Adam Sandler’s Halloween costumes are not just budget-friendly; they are also a testament to using creativity to make something unique and entertaining. This Halloween, stand out with these humorous, easy-to-make, money saving costumes!

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