We Tried The “Send Me a Sample” Alexa Skill. Here’s What Happened.

We Tried The "Send Me a Sample" Alexa Skill. Here's What Happened.

Freebie Offer: Free Samples via Alexa Skill “Send me a Sample”
How to Redeem Download skill here, then use voice commands to request freebies.
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Is “Send Me a Sample” Alexa Skill Even Worth Enabling?

Should You Enable the Free “Send Me a Sample” Alexa Skill? Here’s What We Think.

At Saversloth.com, we’re dedicated to bringing you unbiased, practical insights to help you make smart choices, especially when it comes to snagging great freebies. Today, we’re diving into the “Send Me a Sample” Alexa skill. Our goal is to present an honest review based on actual user experiences and the overall functionality of the skill, helping you decide if it’s worth enabling on your Alexa device.

Our Personal Experience with These Voice-Activated Freebies

Diving into the world of voice-activated freebies, we decided to test out “Send Me a Sample.” Setting it up was easy – surprisingly so. But the real fun began when we started making requests. “Alexa, send me a sample of Drip Drop,” we said. After a few amusing misinterpretations (no Alexa, we didn’t ask for a hip-hop song), we finally got our request through. And yes, in a couple of weeks, we were happily sipping on our complimentary Drip Drop sample while listing to hip-hop on our Alexa.

What is “Send Me a Sample” Anyways??

“Send Me a Sample” is an Alexa skill that connects users with brands offering free samples. By simply voicing a request to Alexa, users can have samples from a variety of products shipped directly to them, free of charge. It’s a novel way to try new products from the comfort of your home.

Experience the Joy of Free Samples Right at Your Doorstep

The primary draw of this skill is its promise to deliver product samples straight to your door. From beauty products to snacks, “Send Me a Sample” offers a surprising range of items to try. It’s like having a little surprise gift arrive at your home now and then.

The Waiting Game: Patience is Key

Our experience was largely positive, but it’s important to note that not every request results in an immediate sample delivery. Sometimes, samples can take weeks to arrive, and occasionally, they might not show up at all. It’s a bit of a hit-or-miss, but when it hits, it’s genuinely delightful.

Simplifying Freebie Hunting with Alexa

The ease of use is a big plus. Just a quick voice command to Alexa, and you’re in the running to receive a free sample. It’s hands-down one of the simplest ways we’ve found to try new products.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, we think the “Send Me a Sample” Alexa skill is worth downloading. If you’re someone who enjoys freebies, free samples and try-it-before-you-buy options, enabling this skill on your Alexa device is a great addition to your freebie hunting strategy.

Ready to give voice-activated freebies a try? Enable the “Send Me a Sample” skill on your Alexa device and start exploring the world of samples!

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