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Ever wondered how you can dive deeper into God’s Word with a fresh perspective? Look no further! For a limited time, we’re offering you a chance to get a free sample of our acclaimed New Testament Recovery Version. Dive into it and experience the scriptures like never before.

Not Just Another Bible

“This isn’t your grandma’s bible.” The New Testament Recovery Version offers you eye-opening insights that have evolved from two millennia of Christian scholarship and experience. With a foundation that blends both ancient scripture and contemporary understanding, this Bible is a culmination of diligent work from translators who believed in progressing the understanding of God’s word.

A Transparent and Precise Translation

What sets the Recovery Version apart? Its commitment to accuracy and clarity. The translators, while respecting authoritative English versions, ventured beyond traditional renderings to deliver a translation that is essentially literal. It seeks to retain the original tone and style of each biblical writer, ensuring a true-to-source reading experience. Unlike many other translations that interpret ambiguities, this version leaves them for the reader’s contemplation. And for those curious about the Tetragrammaton, it’s consistently rendered as Jehovah throughout the Old Testament.

Who Would Benefit?

Whether you’re a theologian, a curious believer, or someone on a spiritual journey, this Bible is for you. It solves the problem of wading through sometimes confusing traditional translations and offers a clear, literal translation of God’s word. If you’ve been seeking a deeper understanding or a fresh perspective, the Recovery Version is your answer.

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Since the year 2000, we’ve blessed the world by giving away 2,083,752 free study Bibles. Don’t miss out on this chance. Get your hands on this exceptional study Bible and rediscover God’s word with newfound clarity.

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