Free Welly Flex Fabric Bandage Samples

Here is a fun freebie offer your kids are gonna love where you can get for some free Welly Flex Fabric Bandages by requesting it through your Alexa Device.

Here’s how you claim yours:

1. Ensure you have the “Send Me a Sample” skill enabled on your Alexa device.
2. Activate your Alexa device by saying, “Alexa, open Send Me a Sample”
3. Now tell Alexa “Ask Send Me a Sample for Welly” Alexa will confirm your request.

That’s it, as easy as that your free Welly Flex Fabric Bandage will be on its way courtesy of “Send Me a Sample.” You don’t really need to use Alexa for this one, just visit the offer page and click: “Or Click Here To Request A Sample.” I still think its more fun to do with Alexa though.

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