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Netflix has launched an exciting free offer for families: the Netflix Family Magazine. This tangible, interactive magazine is filled with games, stories, and activities based on beloved Netflix characters, offering fun for the whole family. Collaborating with a childhood development expert, Netflix has created content that’s both entertaining and enriching, perfect for kids and parents to enjoy together.

The magazine features adventures that transport children into the worlds of their favorite Netflix shows, along with colorful stickers, crafts, recipes, and more. Each issue, including the latest winter edition, is available for free download, offering new adventures like story-telling with “The Bad Guys” or “Chicken Run” themed activities.

Moreover, Netflix Family provides additional printable activities for free, ensuring there’s always something new to explore. Parents and caregivers can easily subscribe to receive their free copy of Netflix Family Magazine and stay updated with exclusive announcements.

This initiative is part of Netflix’s commitment to providing fun, educational, and engaging content for children, making it an excellent resource for family bonding and learning. Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity to bring a world of adventure and creativity into your home with Netflix Family Magazine!

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