Get Your Free Copy of the U.S. Constitution and Declaration of Independence!

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Free Offer: Educational Copies of the U.S. Constitution and the Declaration of Independence
How to Get It: Fill out the form on Hillsdale College’s offer page.
Availability: Continuously available for U.S. residents.
Get Your Copies Here: Hillsdale College Free Constitution Offer Page

Dive Deeper into American Democracy

Hillsdale College presents a unique opportunity for Americans to own a piece of history. These documents are not just papers; they are the foundation of American democracy, outlining the principles of freedom, justice, and civic responsibility.

Simple Steps to Claim Your Copies

  1. Easy Website Access: Visit the Hillsdale College offer page.
  2. Straightforward Form Completion: Provide your details on a user-friendly form.
  3. Educational Enhancement: Receive your copies, perfect for students and citizens alike who wish to understand their rights and the nation’s values.
  4. Completely Free: No hidden costs or purchases required.

Why Every American Needs These Documents

Understanding the U.S. Constitution and the Declaration of Independence is crucial for appreciating the freedoms and rights often taken for granted. This offer is more than a freebie; it’s a gateway to comprehending the core tenets of American governance and civic duty.

A Step Towards Informed Citizenship

By claiming your free copies, you embark on a journey through America’s democratic blueprint, enhancing your knowledge and appreciation of the country’s founding principles.

CLAIM OFFER: Free Constitution

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