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FREEBIE: Epic Games Store’s Weekly Free Games
How to Get It: Create a free account on the Epic Games Store, navigate to the ‘Free Games’ section, and choose.
Availability: New games available weekly, with each offer typically lasting one week.
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If you’re a gaming enthusiast always on the lookout for new adventures without breaking the bank, the Epic Games Store has got you covered! Known for its vast collection of video games, Epic Games Store periodically offers free games, allowing players to download and keep them forever – all for free!

What’s the Deal?

The Epic Games Store, a digital video game storefront, regularly features a range of free games. These games vary in genre, style, and gameplay, ensuring that there’s something for everyone. From strategic RPGs to heart-racing survival horrors, their selection is always diverse and intriguing.

How Can You Get These Games?

Getting your hands on these free games is straightforward. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Create an Account: If you don’t have an account on the Epic Games Store, simply sign up for free.
  2. Visit the Free Games Section: Navigate to the ‘Free Games’ section on the Epic Games Store website or through their app.
  3. Download Your Game: Choose the game you’re interested in, and hit the ‘Get’ button. Once claimed, the game is yours to keep forever!

What’s Available Right Now?

As of November 2023, the Epic Games Store is offering a variety of games for free. Titles such as Dishonored – Definitive Edition, Kerbal Space Program, and Divine Knockout are some of the games that have been available. Additionally, for a limited time from November 2 to November 9, 2023, games like F.I.S.T.: Forged In Shadow Torch and Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion were up for grabs. Following these, Golden Light, Earthlock, and Surviving the Aftermath were also offered for free.

Why Does Epic Games Store Offer Free Games?

The Epic Games Store offers free games as part of their marketing strategy to attract new users and retain existing ones. By offering high-quality games for free, they create a strong community of gamers who regularly visit their store, potentially leading to sales of other games and products.

Don’t Miss Out!

The selection of free games changes regularly, usually every week. To ensure you don’t miss out on any of these fantastic offers, it’s a good idea to check the Epic Games Store frequently or subscribe to their newsletter for updates.

Get ready to expand your gaming library without spending a dime. Visit the Epic Games Store today and start exploring the world of free games!

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