Get Ready for “Try Hockey for Free Day” – Kids Can Play Free!

Get Ready for "Try Hockey for Free Day" – Kids Can Play Free!

Freebie Offer: Kids can play hockey for free on International Hockey Day
How to Redeem: Check participating locations here.
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Exciting Free Offer: National Try Hockey Event for Kids!

Hey parents, great news! If you’ve got little ones aged 4 to 9, here’s a fantastic, totally free opportunity for them: the National Try Hockey event on February 24th, 2024. With 450 locations across the country, it’s super easy to find a spot near you.

Why It’s Awesome for Your Kids

This isn’t just about playing hockey; it’s a chance for your kids to have a blast, make new friends, and learn about teamwork and sportsmanship, all while getting some great exercise. And guess what? It’s absolutely free!

Grab Your Spot – It’s Easy!

  1. Find Your Nearest Location: Head over to the event website.
  2. Register Online: Quick and simple – just a few clicks and you’re in.
  3. Just Show Up: Everything your child needs to play is provided. Just bring their excitement and energy!

The Best Part? It’s Free!

We know, things add up quickly when you’re raising kids. That’s why this event is 100% free. It’s all about giving every child a chance to try something new and exciting without worrying about the cost.


Don’t miss this chance to let your kids experience the fun and thrill of hockey, meet new friends, and enjoy a memorable day – all for free. Mark your calendar for February 24th and get ready for some fun!

Claim Freebie: Free Hockey Day Event for Kids

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