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Step into the action on ice with Howies Hockey Tape! By filling out a simple form on their website, you can receive a free sticker and catalog, perfect for hockey enthusiasts eager to know more about the sport's gear and accessories. It's a straightforward way to discover the latest in hockey equipment and show off your love for the game.

Free Offer: Free Sticker and Catalog from Howies Hockey Tape
How to Get It: Visit Howies Hockey Tape’s free sticker and catalog request page.
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Howies Hockey Tape is offering a complimentary sticker and catalog to enthusiasts of hockey and related sports gear. This offer includes a unique Howies Hockey Tape sticker and a detailed catalog of their products, ideal for anyone interested in hockey equipment and accessories. To take advantage of this free offer, individuals simply need to fill out a request form on the Howies Hockey Tape website. The sticker and catalog will be sent to them without any charge. This offer demonstrates Howies Hockey Tape’s dedication to engaging with their community and providing them with valuable resources.


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