Get a FREE 10 Commandments Magnet for Your Fridge

Get a FREE 10 Commandments Magnet for Your Fridge

Freebie: Ten Commandments Magnet
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Unlock a Free Gift: The Ten Commandments Magnet Offer for Young Learners and Adults

Are you looking for an engaging and rewarding way to encourage your children or even yourself to learn the Ten Commandments? Look no further! A unique offer by “heritage-signs.us” presents an exciting opportunity – a free magnet for memorizing these biblical principles. This offer isn’t just for kids; adults can also participate!

How to Participate

  1. Memorize the Ten Commandments: This is a great way to instill foundational moral values in children aged 4 to 14, and also a reflective exercise for adults.
  2. Certification of Memorization: Once the commandments are memorized, an adult needs to sign a form confirming this achievement. It’s a simple step that adds a layer of verification to the learning process.
  3. Mail a Self-Addressed Stamped Envelope: To receive your free magnet, send a self-addressed stamped envelope to Jesus Saves Ministry. This step ensures that the magnet reaches you without any hassle.
  4. Download the Form: The required form for certification can be easily downloaded from the website. It’s user-friendly and easily accessible.

Why Participate?

This offer isn’t just about receiving a free magnet. It’s an educational journey that brings families together in learning and discussion. Memorizing the Ten Commandments can be a fun, interactive activity that also instills important values. Plus, the magnet serves as a tangible reminder of the effort and learning.


The free Ten Commandments magnet offer stands out as a creative approach to learning and moral education. It’s easy to participate, and the reward is both educational and fun. Whether you’re a parent looking to teach your child or an adult seeking a refresher on these biblical commandments, this offer provides an excellent opportunity to engage with these timeless teachings.

Claim Offer: FREE Ten Commandments Magnet

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