Free Stickers and Starter Kit from Yellow Circles

Free Stickers and Starter Kit from Yellow Circles

Freebie Offer: Free Starter Kit from Yellow Circles
How to Redeem: Simple online request form here.
Claim Freebie: Free Starter Kit from Yellow Circles

How to Claim Your Free Starter Kit from Yellow Circles: A Guide

Are you looking to make a positive impact on reproductive responsibility while also scoring some cool freebies? Yellow Circles, an organization dedicated to starting a meaningful movement in this realm, is offering a unique Starter Kit for free! This kit includes a variety of stickers and, while they are currently out of stock on shirts, the stickers alone are a great way to show your support. Here’s a simple guide on how to claim your freebie and what it’s all about.

What’s Inside the Starter Kit?

Before diving into the claiming process, let’s explore what the Starter Kit includes:

  • 2 Large Stickers (3 inches): Perfect for your car, computer, or other large surfaces.
  • 2 Small Stickers (1 inch): Ideal for personal gadgets like iPhones, iPads, or Android devices.

The Pledge

At the heart of this offer is a pledge. Yellow Circles emphasizes the importance of reproductive responsibility. By claiming this freebie, you’re not just getting cool stickers; you’re part of a larger movement focused on making informed and responsible choices.

Steps to Claim Your Free Starter Kit

  1. Visit the Yellow Circles Website: The first step is to navigate to the Yellow Circles website. This is where you’ll find the form to fill out for your free kit.
  2. Fill Out the Form: There will be a form asking for your name and email address. This is also where you’ll make your pledge to do your best in terms of reproductive responsibility. This pledge is a personal commitment and can involve various actions like researching contraceptives or abstaining from sex.
  3. Submit Your Request: After filling out the form, look for the yellow circle submit button. Clicking this button will officially submit your request for the free Starter Kit.

Supporting the Movement

While the stickers are free, Yellow Circles runs on donations to maintain their website, grow their Instagram presence, and develop new products and strategies. Donations are tax-deductible, and you will receive a receipt for your contribution. If you’re inspired by their cause, consider supporting them.

Staying Connected

To stay updated and connected with the movement, follow Yellow Circles on Instagram. This is a great way to see the impact of the movement and learn about new products and initiatives.


Claiming your free Starter Kit from Yellow Circles is an easy way to join a meaningful movement and show your support. It’s more than just free stickers; it’s about being part of a community dedicated to responsible choices and awareness. Make your pledge, claim your kit, and consider supporting the cause for a better tomorrow.

Claim Freebie: Free Starter Kit from Yellow Circles

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