10 Random Restaurants That Offer Birthday Freebies

Celebrate Your Birthday with Free Stuff and Cool Sloth Info

Birthdays are fun, and FREE stuff makes them even better! Places like Chipotle and A&W All American Food give you free stuff on your birthday. You can get free chips & guac from Chipotle on your birthday month if you spend $5 or more! Or get a free root beer float from A&W on your birthday if you join their Mug Club. That’s a cool deal!

Learn About Sloths!

Did you know sloths are so adorable that algae grows on their fur, giving them a greenish hue? This makes them the cutest, and slowest, moving garden you’ll ever see!” That’s a cool thing to think about when you’re enjoying your birthday free stuff.

Enjoy Your Birthday!

So, have a great birthday, enjoy your free stuff, and think about the cool world of sloths. Birthdays are about having fun and learning new things. And remember, like a sloth, take your time to enjoy every moment. Happy Birthday!

Here’s Your 10 Random Restaurants That Give Freebies For Your Birthday

1. Red Lobster

Join their Fresh Catch Club for a unique birthday surprise. Click HERE for Red Lobster’s Birthday Freebies

2. Baskin Robbins

Receive a free ice cream email and a special discount on a birthday cake. Click HERE for Baskin Robbins’ Birthday Freebies

3. Texas Roadhouse

Sign up for their Email Club and get a birthday gift. Click HERE for Texas Roadhouse’s Birthday Freebies


Join IHOP’s Pancake Revolution and enjoy a free meal on your birthday. Click HERE for IHOP’s Birthday Freebies

5. Olive Garden

Sign up for their eClub and receive a complimentary dessert on your birthday. Click HERE for Olive Garden’s Birthday Freebies

6. Applebee’s

Join their Email Club and get a free gift on your birthday. Click HERE for Applebee’s Birthday Freebies

7. Benihana

Register for The Chef’s Table to receive a $30 birthday certificate. Click HERE for Benihana’s Birthday Freebies

8. Denny’s

Enjoy a free Build Your Own Grand Slam® on your birthday. Click HERE for Denny’s Birthday Freebies

9. P.F. Chang’s

Sign up for their rewards program and receive a birthday reward. Click HERE for P.F. Chang’s Birthday Freebies

10. Buffalo Wild Wings

Join their rewards club and get a free birthday treat. Click HERE for Buffalo Wild Wings’ Birthday Freebies.

Remember, FREE birthday food tastes even better. So, sign up for these restaurant’s newsletters and enjoy your special day to the max!

Birthday Freebies
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