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Freebie Offer: Complimentary SafeTouchpet decal
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Claim Freebie: Complimentary SafeTouch pet decal

Get This Free Pet Decal from Safetouch.com

SafeTouch Security is offering a free pet decal, a thoughtful and helpful gift for pet owners. This decal is a sign that you can put up in your home to let emergency responders know that you have a pet. This is really important because it helps to keep pets safe during emergencies like fires or break-ins. Every year, many pets are harmed in house fires, and they can also be more at risk from things like carbon monoxide because they’re smaller.

What’s Great About This Offer:

  1. Helps Pets in Emergencies: The decal tells firefighters or police that there’s a pet inside who needs to be rescued.
  2. More Than Just Basic Care: It’s one more way to look out for your pet, in addition to feeding and taking care of them.
  3. Clear Message to Rescuers: It also lets rescuers know that your pet isn’t dangerous.
  4. Only in Certain Places: This free offer is available only in some parts of Florida and Georgia.
  5. Other Cool Stuff: SafeTouch also offers ways to check on your pet when you’re not home and keep them comfortable with things like a special thermostat.

How to Get the Decal:

You just need to sign up and give your contact details and where you want the decal sent. They’ll also ask if you’re already using SafeTouch Security’s services.

In Summary:

This free pet decal from SafeTouch Security is a great idea. It’s not just a nice thing for pet owners, but it could really help save pets’ lives in emergencies. It shows that SafeTouch cares about keeping all family members safe, including pets.

Claim Freebie: Complimentary SafeTouch pet decal

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