Get $3.00 OFF ONE Dawn® Platinum EZ-Squeeze

I stumbled upon this coupon offer from P&G on my Facebook feed and felt compelled to pass it along.

Sign up or sign in to your P&G Rewards account.
1. Navigate to the “Coupons” section via the main menu.
2. Select and add the coupons you want to your cart.
3. Access your cart in the top-right corner to print your selected coupons.

Remember, coupons are for one-time use and expire a day post-printing. First-timers may need to verify their account with a phone number.

P&G Good Everyday isn’t just any rewards program. It encompasses over 60 beloved brands, including Tide, Crest, and Dawn. You could rack up over $150 in rewards yearly just by buying your favorite products. Plus, entering gives you a shot at winning free P&G items, while your participation helps contribute to charity, amplifying rewards and donations the more you engage.

Moreover, by uploading purchase receipts, you’ll earn points redeemable for gifts like gift cards, movie rentals, and more, starting with a 25-point bonus upon account creation. Choose to either pamper yourself with these points or donate them to causes such as Dawn or United Way.

Claim Your P&G Rewards Coupon

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